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In the second half of 2018 I was offered a nice lot, which the moroccan merchant and I knew it had to be a new CM2. See the picture underneath. After negotiating the price for quite some time, we finally agreed and I sent him the amount of money over to Africa. After a wild journey for this meteorite to arrive at my home, I am very happy to have it in my hands.



The funny thing was, that the anonymous finders of this meteorite went out in the desert one more time just to find an additional stone broken into several pieces which resembles the main mass of this rare find. The lot was offered to me at the nearly end of 2018 and I purchased it immediately. This time the lot came from another moroccan merchant who has been a longtime friend over the past years and sold me many good stones so far.



Meanwhile this find got its own NWA number, NWA 12287 to be exact. And the best thing is: You can purchase also specimens of this new CM2, just follow this link.

In case you are interested in browsing through the official classification data, take a look at the Meteoritical Bulletin.

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